I'm Natalie, IREM President, and welcome to our Forum! To follow the theme set by Katherine, I manage Pearl (mixed use office/restaurant/retail/residential). My funniest work moment so far...I don't have one big one but I'm definitely adjusting to my new co-workers - my husband and 7 year old daughter. If anyone has a video or something I can show my daughter that explains why it is important to get out of your pajamas during the day, please send it my way! One day I put my foot down and told her she had to change clothes and so what did she do? She changed into a different set of pajamas.

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Welcome to IREM's First Forum - Intros

Hello dearest IREM SA Members,

While we have to be apart in this shelter in place order, we would like to get reacquainted with our membership. So lets hear from you! let us know your...


Portfolio type ( multi-family, office, industrial, retail...etc)

Your funniest work from home moment so far!

I'll start it off: Katherine Hagg,  Office Buildings, My dog brought a snake in the house during our weekly property manager call, and I had to track down a snake in my house during a conference call. Gwen (dog) was very proud, I was very horrified.

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