Webinar: Cyber Risk Considerations for Rapid Cloud Transformation

May 28, 2020
11:00 AM - 11:30 AM
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Take a 30-minute cyber-break and join AT&T Cybersecurity for a glimpse into the top current cybersecurity trends and issues. Some of the best minds in the business will share topical information and insight on how to effectively and proactively help to protect, manage, and work with a suddenly remote, distributed, and highly mobile workforce. This 30-minute session is designed to let you pause in your hectic day to hear from cybersecurity experts, assess your current cybersecurity situation, and spark conversations to address your current needs.

This live and online event features our special guest, Derrick Johnson, AT&T Cybersecurity National Practice Lead – Cyber Operations. Derrick has over 21 years in the cybersecurity profession and is CISSP certified. With the move to a remote and mobile workforce, organizations are quickly moving to the cloud out of an immediate necessity instead of a measured and well-planned migration. We’ll talk with Derrick about how this accelerated move to the cloud means new and heightened cyber risks and how leaders must be prepared to address these issues.

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