21-Day Habit Building Challenge


January 21, 2021
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
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Cost: 5-10 minutes of your time each day for 21 days.

The activities will begin on January 21 and end February 18 (excludes weekends).

The full 21-Day Challenge excercises will be sent to you when you register for the challenge and the intention is for you to complete each daily challenge on your own.

The Challenge is a great way to learn and inspire growth with resources and tools to build equity at work and one's personal lives. IREM Region 7 is offering this challenge to raise awareness, shift attitudes and change outcomes.



Activity Title: How to Tackle Our Biases Head On

Activity Description: Vernā Myers looks closely at some of the subconscious attitudes we hold toward out-groups. She makes a plea to all people: Acknowledge your biases. Then move toward, not away from, the groups that make you uncomfortable. Consider connecting with people/organizations you learn about during this challenge. How can you widen your circle of who you follow and connect with? Watch

After completion, we hope you can reflect on this experience:

  • What are your biggest take-aways?
  • What has moved you?
  • How have you changed as a result of this work?
  • How can you keep practicing?
  • How can you pass on what you know to others?
  • What can we do in our individual lives to make sure others are treated with respect and dignity, and not based on stereotypes and prejudice?
  • What can we do as IREM members to make sure our chapter is welcoming of people from different backgrounds, different races, ethnicities, religions, disabilities, gender and sexual orientations?


The 21-Day Equity Habit-Building Challenge originally was developed by racial justice educator and author Debby Irving along with Dr. Eddie Moore Jr. and Marguerite Penick-Parks. Their idea: ask Challenge participants to dedicate themselves to completing one action related to equity daily for 21 days. The discipline and intentionality required to follow 21 days of carefully chosen activities was meant to encourage lasting practices that would further equity. 


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