Mentorship Program

Introducing our new Mentorship Program for IREM Members!

Purpose of Mentorship Program:          

An experienced IREM member (“Mentor”) will commit to a partnership with a new IREM member (“Mentee”) for the purpose of providing mentorship for a minimum period of 6 months.  Mentorship is defined as familiarizing Mentee with IREM and IREM resources; urging Mentee to be an active member of IREM by joining a committee; advancing Mentee’s real estate knowledge via networking and educational opportunities; and providing mentee with support to be a leader within IREM and the real estate industry if they so choose.

Process of Mentorship Program:

Members of IREM SA will sign up for the program thorugh the form below. A board member will pair up a mentor to a mentee.  The mentor should report back to the board member periodically on the progress and success of the program.  The board member will then report progress at IREM Board meetings. New San Antonio Chapter IREM members will be automatically paired with a Mentor and join the program.


As an incentive for current IREM members to sign up as a Mentor, 3000 IREM bucks will be awarded for each Mentee they are paired up with and complete the 6-month term with.

Expectations for Mentor:

Mentor is expected to have the time, skills, and knowledge to perform the following:

  • Reach out to the Mentee within the first 2 weeks of pairing.
  • Invite the Mentee to all IREM functions that occur within the 6-month period.
  • Introduce the Mentee to a minimum of 6 IREM members to include a mix of IREM San Antonio chapter members, Industry Partners and the current President.
  • Provide information on the different designations IREM has to offer.
  • Provide a schedule of IREM classes offered locally and virtually in the current year.
  • Provide insights on navigating the local and national IREM websites.
  • Provide a list of committees with chairperson contacts and encourage the member to sign up for one.
  • Confirm that member is receiving IREM emails.
  • Report success or failure of pairing with board member.