Does IREM San Antonio have regular meetings?

Yes. We typically have a luncheon meeting on the 2nd Thursday of the month.   We don't meet in August and in April we have a joint meeting with BOMA San Antonio and that date varies each year.

Are guests allowed to attend IREM San Antonio lunch meetings?

Property Manager guests are welcome to attend at the non-member luncheon rate. We limit vendor attendance at our luncheons to our Friends of IREM.

Do I have to be an IREM member to take classes?

No, however, there are financial incentives for members, so it is important to evaluate the options of member rates versus non-member rates.

How much are annual dues?

Following are the local dues as of 2021

CPM $175 locally
Candidates $175 locally
ARMs $50 locally
Associates No local dues charged
Student No local dues charged
ACoM $75 locally