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The Membership and Guidance Committee’s mission is to recognize and get to know our current members better. The depth of knowledge within this group is something that we should all be proud of. As a committee, we feel that we can all learn something from each other, but that this can only be done if we share a little bit about ourselves with one another. In an effort to get to know each other better, we have created the "Member Spotlight" where an IREM San Antonio member will be spotlighted on our website and social media outlets. This is our chance to highlight you and your success to others in this industry. We are proud of our IREM Chapter and all of our members and would be honored if you would participate.

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IREM San Antonio Member Spotlight - March 2021

Roxanne Zinnermon

Weston Urban
Accredited Commercial Manager (ACOM)

Who introduced you to this chapter?
My mentor and amazing friend, Diane Coliz.

Certification Types Received/Seeking
ACoM (Received in 2020)

How has IREM contributed to your career?
Networking and education.

Background Journey into Real Estate
I started my property management journey by complete accident. My background is in medical office and I was temping as a receptionist for a property management company until the medical office position I had been waiting for called me back; Needless to say, I declined the medical office position and haven't looked back.

Society Contributions through Job
Weston Urban's mission is to, "Help build the city San Antonio's children will want to call home." And as a mother of 4 young boys, the mission hits home for me and pushes me every day to accomplish all of the giant goals set. From collaborations with the Economic Development Foundation to collaborations with local high schools in providing internships, we care about the community and its development.

Personal Tidbit
I am a big foodie, I love traveling just to try different foods in the region.

My Favorite Place to Travel
I enjoy the journey in traveling, regardless of where I'm actually going. Long road trips are the best, although I am not sure my kiddos share the same sentiments.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
I enjoy helping people. From tenants, to team members and especially our interns, I love being able to help.

Contact Email: [email protected]

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